What happens when we lose TRACTION in our life?


The word traction is the force used to generate motion to move something forward. It’s the power that is used to pull something along, the force that causes something moving to grip against a surface and keep moving. The support or interest that is necessary for something to succeed and make progress. It’s being pulled along by some motive power; it’s the tread on the wheels to grip the road or a new project that needs extra effort to gain momentum and succeed.

What happens when we lose traction in our life, when the motive power, momentum, and grip on life starts to diminish or simply dry up? We lose our mojo, joy, and zeal for life and begin to feel out of control. We then stop, step back and question what went wrong.

What turn were we supposed to take and instead, we kept going? What were we meant to stop doing and seek for a new change? What new ideas or concepts did we dismissed because that’s the way it’s done; it should work, right? Often, the reason we lose our way is due to tiredness, heartache and consistent barriers with moving forward in an area. We mechanically keep pushing on, when life is showing us to slow down, pull over and process.

A few months ago I had a dream where I was driving along a gravel road with a friend. I was in the driver’s seat and focused on which way to turn at the end of the road. Was I to go left or right? The decision was made for me when I suddenly looked at the temperature gauge and screamed. The car was overheating fast, and I could see the stream from the radiator rising from the car bonnet. We reached the end of the road, and I steered the car to the left. It then miraculously rolled to the side of the road where out in the middle of nowhere workers were drawing water from a tap. I rested my head on the steering wheel and felt relieved that there was help.

Sometimes life will make the decision for us and help us to slow down. It’s one thing to be resilient, and yet this ability to bounce back and move forward has a downside. We can become so focused on moving forward that we miss the cues in our body telling us that we need to rest, reflect and revisit where we are going. And, it takes courage to acknowledge what we need to do to feel the traction back in our life. It may be changing jobs, moving to a new city or challenging or leaving an unhealthy relationship. It’s letting go and being open to the freshness of something incredibly different that has never entered our heart before.

We need traction in our life. It’s power, connection, and progression; it’s the sparks in our life, the chemistry in our relationships and the reason why life is so damn good!

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