Why it’s time to get back on the horse and write your next book or the first one


Trends are those delightful themes that suddenly come into vogue, and everyone jumps on board. When Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series hit the big stage, editors were swamped with young adult vampire stories. I’m not a fan, but I appreciate Stephanie spearheading a new trend in the publishing arena.

So, what’s trending now in the genre world of books? Think about the books you read and why you read them. Is it because of a trend or is it something you are passionate about; connect with the voice of the author and characters in the story, or you just love to escape into fantasy. That’s my favorite; I just have too much reality happening in my world.

Trends are like new voices, and most readers will listen for them. They provoke, relate and most importantly capture your heart, and if you are like me, you read a few chapters and put the book down, just so you can look forward to picking it up again.

There are a thousand reasons why you are not writing your book now. Here are a few suggestions that I hope will get you back in the saddle and writing with a reason:

1. Write what calls you. Go on, write recklessly what’s burning in your heart and just keep writing until it’s finished. Break the rules and write for you, not for others.

2. There are readers waiting for your story. How many times have you read a story and been inspired by a character, like if they can do it, I can do it too?

3. There is no one perfect book that’s for everyone. It’s true; I have never read Harry Potter. I have listened to interviews, and I’m inspired with how Joanne Rowling stunned the publishing with her children book series. She created a trend.

4. Spearheads are scary brave people. They push the limits with their passionate stories. If it’s your passion that needs renewing, put all the non-urgent things in your life to the side for one week and focus on you. What is it you need to do to rekindle your burning flame? We need it.

5. I need help! Writers do what they do best and create awesome stories. It’s the other people that get it ready for the world. Be patient with who is going to help you. Join a writing forum, ask people who have written books, or hitch your horse to another wagon and jointly write a book with another writer. It’s a new trend. (Smiley face)

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