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Lottie's Big Feelings paperback

Lottie’s Big Feelings is a story of FEELINGS and FRIENDS.  This first book from the Little Adventurers Series is based on topic one of the Protective Behaviours educational program.

“Lottie’s Big Feelings provides young children with age-appropriate knowledge on a range of feelings that are essential in navigating the ever-challenging and changing world they live in. A highly recommended book for young readers.” Andrea Musulin – Protective Behaviours Author, Senior Trainer and Director WA Child Protection Society – CREATING CHILD SAFE ORGANISATIONS.

Lottie Lamb discovers that she has big feelings, calm feelings and feelings can change.  What could Lottie do if she felt sad, worried, or sacred?  Lottie could ask for help, use her words or cuddle a trusted grown-up. Lottie also has a wish for new friends and meets Florence Flamingo and Kaylo Koala.

Full of adventures, this delightful picture book will take children on a journey to discover everyone has big feelings, and big feelings can change.

8.5″ x 11″ / 280 x 216mm

32 pages

Perfect for ages 4-8

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