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Lottie's big feelings

Follow Lottie Lambs delightful story helping children to name and manage emotions.

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Andrea Musulin
Andrea MusulinProtective Behaviours Author and Senior trainer, Director WA Child Protection Society – CREATING CHILD SAFE ORGANISATIONS
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Lottie’s Big Feelings provides young children with age-appropriate knowledge on a range of feelings that are essential in navigating the ever-challenging and changing world they live in. A highly recommended book for young readers. Keep up the great work Chris.
Dr Ros Worthington
Dr Ros WorthingtonPhilanthropist, International Speaker, Founder Breast Cancer Care WA and Western Australian of the year 2015
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In the 1950's as a foster child, there were no programs like Protective Behaviours (PBs) that could of intervened and helped children suffering child abuse. Congratulations Christine, I love your passion and commitment in making a different in the lives of children and I commend you on your first book Lottie's Big Feelings.
Holly-ann Martin
Holly-ann MartinProtective Behaviours Author, Child Protection Specialist, Director Safe4Kids
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Congratulations Christine on a gorgeous story written to help young children identify their emotions. I particularly love the Feelings Flashcards activity in the book that adults can use to extend the learning experience.
Marie Prospero
Marie ProsperoCounsellor specialising in grief, loss and trauma - Safe Journey Counselling, Protective Behaviours facilitator and School Chaplain
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Christine’s passion has a gentleness that resonates with children and adults. Her approach is prevention in educating the community on the importance that “We all have the right to feel safe at all times". I am so grateful for the ‘Little Adventurers’ series Christine is writing and publishing. It has the power to equip our children. Well done Christine.