Resources to teach children Protective Behaviours

Research shows that children who receive consistent safety messages, at home and at school, are more likely to be confident in responding to unsafe situations and to speak up if something happens that concerns or upsets them.[1] Families and educators can provide these consistent safety messages through a range of Protective Behaviours resources.  Below are […]

What is the Protective Behaviours program?

As a facilitator of the Protective Behaviours program, I’ve witnessed hundreds of children empowered with the knowledge of how to keep themselves and others safe.    Protective Behaviours (PBs) provides a range of skills and strategies to help prevent and reduce child abuse and violence in the community. PBs is mandatory in Western Australian schools […]

PB education – A new empowering language

Protective Behaviours education (PBs) empowesrs children to break the silence, to use the right safety language and speak up about why they are feeling unsafe. At my book launch of Lottie’s Big Feelings in February 2022, Andrea Musulin, Protective Behaviours author and trainer revealed an overwhelming statistic that 20 children had been subjected to interviews […]

Children are our future, what the hell happened?

Scrolling through the messages written by survivors of child sexual abuse on the Royal Commission website, the title in this blog was calling for justice. The handwritten notes describe their hell stories and agonise over those that didn’t make it within the failed systems in our nation that are supposed to protect and empower children. […]

Picture Book Trims & Storyboards

Your story is polished. Before you start on your storyboard, the next major decision is what trim size to choose for your book.  Here’s why? I read a story on a forum where a person had spent a ton of money working with a graphic designer to self-publish their children’s picture book.  When it came […]