Children are our future, what the hell happened?

Scrolling through the messages written by survivors of child sexual abuse on the Royal Commission website, the title in this blog was calling for justice. The handwritten notes describe their hell stories and agonise over those that didn’t make it within the failed systems in our nation that are supposed to protect and empower children. […]

Picture Book Trims & Storyboards

Your story is polished. Before you start on your storyboard, the next major decision is what trim size to choose for your book.  Here’s why? I read a story on a forum where a person had spent a ton of money working with a graphic designer to self-publish their children’s picture book.  When it came […]

Who’s the King of the Field

It was time to plough the farmer’s field.  From my terrace, I watched the worker walk along the narrow pathway spying out the rice paddy.  It was the same grass pathway I had been warned by locals to walk along very slowly.  The day before I had hesitated at a particular spot and looked down […]

To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme

Have you ever read a rhyming book and tripped awkwardly over the sentence structure and words written back the front just so the verse rhymes?  That’s not to say we can’t be inspired by the great Dr Seuss who wrote nonsensical rhymes with made-up words.  But even Dr Seuss knew that metrical patterns rule, which […]

Riding the Amazon Publishing Wave

Self-publishing my first book Starfish Singers was a huge learning curve.  The publishing world is like one big gigantic wave.  What’s all-in or going wide? While some authors are enjoying riding their publishing wave, others may be struggling with the basics of the whitewash and getting started. Serious authors, like surfers, understand their terrain and […]