Creating a safer world for all children

Protective Behaviours Consulting

Launching in 2022

Protective Behaviours (PBs)

Face to face and online workshops 

Co facilitation in the classroom with students

PBs in Childcare Centres 

Supporting PBs champions

Educational organisations and the PBs process

Protective Behaviours (PBs) is a universal empowerment program

As a holistic approach for everyone, the PBs program is integrated into the school curriculum,  reinforced at home, and delivered in communities to educators, professionals, and families.

For children, Protective Behaviours education focuses on personal safety, which enables them to assert their right to physical and psychological safety and to seek help from trusted adults if they feel unsafe.

This universal framework consists of themes, strategies, and concepts that develop personal body safety and life skills.  It teaches children emotional literacy, assertiveness, resilience, persistence, optimism, to problem solve and be adventurous in safely risking on purpose.

In Australia, the origins of PBs served as a child abuse prevention program.  Although the PBs program applications have universally evolved over the years and are known by other names, the fundamental foundations as a body safety program remain consistent.

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