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Book Covers And Using Distributor Templates: Expectations vs. Reality

In the checklist of publishing your book, is the completed manuscript, designed cover and uploaded interior formats. The reality is, it’s not a simple process.

I chose Ingram Sparks (IS) and CreateSpace (CS) to distribute ‘Starfish Singers‘. Both distributors have cover template generators if you wish to use them. I hired three graphic artists to help with formatting the cover templates before I found an experienced graphic designer who knew how to format the covers according to the distributor’s specifications. She had worked with these templates before and knew what she was doing.

When hiring a graphic designer, ask if they have experience with using these types of templates. It’s a specialized field.

The expectation is that the distributor cover template will format your book perfectly, with the help of a hired graphic designer. The reality is if the specifications are even slightly off when you order your book to check the quality will reflect the flaws. The process will need to be done again, with another proof ordered until you have produced the perfect book ready for printing.

This Createspace template was generated when I put in the details of my book:
• Interior type
• Trim size
• Page count
• Paper colour
• Click build the template

Further information about Ingram Sparks and Createspace templates:
1. https://www.ingramspark.com/blog/file-requirements-for-print-books
2. https://www.createspace.com/Help/Book/Artwork.do

Other distributors work with Print on demand (POD) and eBooks. I chose Ingram Sparks for POD as they have a printing facility in Australia. If you chose CreateSpace, the books are printed in the United States.

In self-publishing, it is essential to hire the right people and do your homework when choosing the best distributor. My graphic designer also operated in publishing fundamentals. I hired her to check my title set up in the Ingram Sparks and Createspace accounts. I have worked with many people over the last three years with producing my book, besides my editors, Gillian was another rock star.

Christine is based on the sunny coast of Western Australia in the seaside town of Geraldton.