7 reasons to write and publish your story


Does everyone have a story to tell? The chances are that most people who desire to write a book get stuck in a cycle of starting and stopping. Months or years later, people think about their book goal and start writing again. The number of people that finish writing a book, then move through the entire pre-publishing stages of editing, copy editing, book cover design and the formatting process to finally publishing their book is approximately 30 out of 1,000 people.

There are plenty of reasons why people don’t finish writing their book. I could list lots of them. That would be wasting your time and mine. Here are seven reasons why you need to write, finish and publish your story:

1. Ideas for stories form in many ways. Stories are super power messages that can stir souls, enlarge lives and catapult dreams into a reality. What message do you carry in your heart? If there was one incredible opportunity to stand on a stage and share your message, what would it be? Think about it. Write your thoughts down. Break it into three dot points and start writing your story.

2. You are a creator, creative’s build value, and impact people. What stories have you read that have inspired and challenged your heart?

3. Talents need the power to fly. Invest in your talents to help them develop and breathe.
• Write every day or most days. Don’t edit, just write in short spurts.
• Read valuable and empowering content from blogs, magazines, and books.
• Watch author and writers videos.
• Try out editing programs. I recently purchased Grammarly after trying out the free version. I write and then enable the editing program.

4. Become an explorer and have fun. There are no cost online writing groups, bloggers and Facebook tribes all with the common goal to fulfill their dream. Join a group, connect with others and find a cheering squad. You don’t have to go this writing road alone.

5. As artists, we are either an apprentice or a master expert. If you are starting out on this writing journey, search for others who can help you. Many authors and writers offer programs, mentoring and coaching for young aspiring creators. These experts have the traction we need to catch the fire of our dream and ignite passion.

6. Storytelling is an art. And, there are stories that must be told, to bring hope and empower the broken and lost. Stories also need to be passed on to others, like the stories and songs of old. They remind us of who we are and why we are here.

7. Who in your tribe has written a book? Is there a significant other in your life who would support you in your dream? If you are the first, be the forerunner and encourage others in your life to write their stories.


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